Został zdefiniowany jako entaktogen, środek pobudzający i psychodeliczny. Należy do klasy fenetyloaminy. Butylon jest również uważany za β-keto analog MBDB. Butylon ma związek z inną chemią badawczą - MBDB. Niektórzy dostawcy chemiczni bk-MBDB twierdzą, że otrzymali kilka raportów od osób, które biorą tę badaną substancję chemiczną doustnie, aw rzadkich przypadkach donosowo, aby osiągnąć szczególny stan świadomości zwykle związany z narkotykami.




Butylone, Butylone Research Chemical, Buy butylone online, Butylone for sale, Order Butylone for personal use also known as β-keto-N-methylbenzodioxolylbutanamine (βk-MBDB), is an entactogenpsychedelic, and środek pobudzający psychoactive drug of the phenethylamine chemical class. It is the β-keto (substituted cathinoneanalogue of MBDB and the substituted methylenedioxyphenethylamine analogue of buphedrone.

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Działa jako mieszany inhibitor wychwytu zwrotnego / środek uwalniający serotoninę, norepinephrine, and dopamine. These are the neurotransmitters in charge of pleasure, reward, motivation and focus. This is done by inhibiting the reuptake and reabsorption of the neurotransmitters after they have performed their function of transmitting a neural impulse, essentially allowing them to accumulate and be reused, causing physically stimulating and euphoric effects. Butylone Research Chemical. Order Butylone for personal use.

In comparison to methylone, it has approximately over 4x lower affinity for the norepinephrine transporter, while its affinity for the serotonin and dopamine transporters is similar. The results of these differences in pharmacology relative to MDMA is that butylone, like its close analog ethylone is less potent in terms of dose, has more balanced catecholaminergic effects relative to serotonergic, and behaves more like a reuptake inhibitor like methylphenidate than a releaser like amphetamine; however, butylone still has relatively robust releasing capabilities. Butylone, Butylone Research Chemical. Butylone for sale.


It is worth noting that these effects will not necessarily occur in a consistent or reliable manner, although higher doses (common+) are more likely to induce the full spectrum of reported effects. Likewise, adverse effects become much more likely on higher doses and may include serious injury or death. Butylone, Butylone Research Chemical.

  • Stimulation – In terms of its effects on the user’s physical energy levels, butylone is commonly considered to be highly stimulating and energetic. This encourages activities such as running, climbing and dancing in a way that makes butylone a popular choice for musical events such as festivals and raves. The particular style of stimulation which butylone presents can be described as forced. This means that at higher doses, it becomes difficult or impossible to keep still as jaw clenching, involuntarily bodily shakes, and vibrations become present, resulting in an extreme unsteadiness of the hands and a general lack of motor control. Buy butylone online.
  • Spontaneous physical sensations – The “body high” of butylone can be described as a strong euphoric tingling sensation that encompasses the entire body. It is capable of becoming overwhelmingly pleasurable at higher doses. This sensation maintains a consistent presence that steadily rises with the onset and hits its limit once the peak has been reached.
  • Vibrating vision – At high doses, a person’s eyeballs may begin to spontaneously wiggle back and forth in a rapid motion, causing the vision to become blurry and temporarily out of focus. This is a condition known as nystagmus. Buy butylone online, Butylone for sale
  • Dehydration – Feelings of dry mouth and dehydration are a universal experience with butylone; this effect is a product of an increased heart rate and an extreme motivation to engage in strenuous physical activities. While it is important to avoid becoming dehydrated (especially when out dancing in a hot environment) there have been some users suffering from water intoxication through over-drinking, so it is advised that users simply sip at water and never over-drink. Buy butylone online
  • Difficulty urinating – Higher doses of butylone result in an overall difficulty when it comes to urination. This is an effect that is entirely temporary and harmless. It is due to butylone’s promotion of the release of anti-diuretic hormone (ADH). ADH is responsible for regulating urination. This effect can be lessened by simply relaxing, but can be significantly relieved by placing a hot flannel over the genitals to warm them up and encourage blood flow. Butylone
  • Temperature regulation suppression
  • Tactile enhancement
  • Increased heart rate
  • Increased perspiration
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Teeth grinding – This component can be considered to be less intense when compared with that of MDMA.

The effects which occur during the offset of a stimulant experience generally feel negative and uncomfortable in comparison to the effects which occurred during its peak. This is often referred to as a “comedown” and occurs because of neurotransmitter depletion. Its effects commonly include:

Dangerous interactions

  • 25x-NBOMe & 25x-NBOH – Members of the 25x family are highly stimulating and physically straining. Combinations with stimulants should be avoided due to the risk of excessive stimulation. This can result in panic attacks, thought loops, seizures, increased blood pressure, vasoconstriction, and heart failure in extreme cases. Butylone, Butylone for sale.
  • Alcohol – Alcohol can be dangerous to combine with stimulants due to the risk of accidental over-intoxication. Stimulants mask the sedative effects of alcohol, which is the main factor people use to assess their degree of intoxication. Once the stimulant wears off, the depressant effects of alcohol are left unopposed, which can result in blackouts and respiratory depression. If combined, one should strictly limit themselves to only drinking a certain amount of alcohol per hour.
  • DXM – Combinations with DXM should be handled with extreme care due to DXM’s effects on serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake. This can lead to panic attacks, hypertensive crisis, or serotonin syndrome with stimulants that increase levels of serotonin (MDMA, methylone, mephedrone, etc.). Monitor blood pressure carefully and avoid strenuous physical activity. Order Butylone for personal use.
  • MDMA – The neurotoxic effects of MDMA may be increased when combined with other stimulants. There is also a risk of excessive heart strain.
  • MXE – Combinations with MXE may dangerously elevate blood pressure and increase the risk of psychosis.
  • Stimulants – Butylone can be potentially dangerous in combination with other stimulants as they can increase one’s heart rate and blood pressure to dangerous levels.
  • Cocaine – This combination may increase strain on the heart.
  • Tramadol – Tramadol lowers the seizure threshold. Combinations with stimulants may further increase this risk.
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